Iron Roto Pack Blog Latest Products Sat, 30 Sep 2023 20:45:05 +0530 en-us Tips To Buying Bulk Multicolour Printed Bag For Your Business Thu, 17 Jun 2021 12:15:01 +0530 In commercial spaces, packaging bags play a vital role. The design and the quality of the packaging bags represent what the company stands for. Packaging bags are not only functional but also helps to communicate your products to your customers. The right packaging bag can contribute to the growth of your business and help you achieve your business goals.   However, businessmen often get confused as to what are things to factor when opting for Multi colour printed bags for their business. Listed below are a few pointers to keep in mind when ordering a multicolour printed bag from a Multicolor Printed Bag Suppliers online.   Readability When ordering printed bags online, you must make sure that the text of your company logo and other important details are easy to read. This will help you create a brand name for your company and allow customers to find your place of business. A Multicolour printed bag is a great marketing tool for your business if it has adequate readability on the packaging bag.   Font Size Choosing too large a font for printing on a multicolour printed bag, you end up with little to no space for all the information you want to print. Large fonts are also not very pleasing to the eye. Opting for a small size font, and customers are barely able to read the text. The right font size helps reflect the nature of your business product and help you with brand consistency.   Size The size of your multicolour printed bag is an essential component to weigh in when ordering bulk multicolour printed bag online. The size of the bag should be in alignment with your business product and shape to maximize its usage and functionality. The overall design of your business product can have a lasting impact with the right size of packaging bag on your customers.   Graphic Design Another thing that you can add to your multicolour printed bag is the graphic design. Hire a skilled professional to help you with your graphic design work so that illustration and colour can be used in a powerful visual way to help the customer identify your business product. The design must be inventive and unique to help your product to stand out from your competitors. A good graphic design becomes imprinted in the brains of your customers that can help you accelerate your business growth.   If you are interested in buying bulk multicolour printed bags for your business, you have landed on the right page. This article will help you get the right multicolour printed bag for your business and help improve your product sales. The vital thing to remember when buying a multicolour printed bag is to keep all the important details like company logo, product name, ingredient, expiration date, etc on your packaging bag. However, the bags should not be crammed with too much information it should be short but informative.   Several suppliers and vendors offer high quality multicolour printed bags to customers at economical rates along with free delivery of the product. Opt for an impressive and minimalist appearance for the multicolour printed bag to create a lasting impression on your customers. Why You Should Choose A Cattle Feed Bag? Fri, 13 Aug 2021 13:48:36 +0530 There are a number of various methods and systems through which a person can feed their cattle. These different methods might also have different advantages and disadvantages. For example in the United States of America or USA , the fodder that is consumed by the cattle consists of at least a little bit of forage . Forage is actually just a plant material which consists of mostly leaves and stems of plants like grass, legumes and silage.   Grass is actually the primary source of food for the pastured cattle. In the feed yards or the feedlot where the intensive farming methods are applied , the cattle are fed with grain , soy and other supplements that would help in increasing the energy density of their feed. It is always advisable that cattle are fed with organic and natural food in order to keep them healthy and efficient .   Different types of cattle feedingGrazing: In agriculture Grazing refers to the process where the domestic livestock like thecattle or the sheep are allowed to roam outdoors in order to feed on wild vegetation like the pastures or grasslands. The process of grazing allows the animals to convert their food into products that would be later suitable for human use. These products include milk, wool , meat and several other animal products.    Grazing systems have covered about sixty percent of the world’s grasslands. And about one hundred million people who reside in the arid         areas and similar places have animal grazing as the primary source of their livelihood.   Integrated livestock and crop farming: The integrated livestock and animal farming is basically a type of farming which involves elements from both the crop and livestock production. This production technique has several benefits like visible improvement in the soil health, reduced costs of labor and machinery, reduction in input of fertilizers and other costs.In such a farming system the cattle are fed mostly on the pastures, residues of crops and the fallows.   Lot feeding and intensive finishing; The lot feeding and the intensive finishing are one of intensive forms of animal production. In such a system the cattle are fed with food materials that are of extremely high quality.   Cattle feed packaging bags: A cattle feed packaging bag also known as the animal feed bag is a laminated and woven polypropylene bag that contains all the essential nutrients that are needed by the cattle. These bags are quite easily available in the market and are also considered extremely suitable for the bulk packaging of products.   Customers can buy such a bag from any cattle feed packaging bag supplier. Due to the fact that these packaging bags are available in wide varieties of different sizes and quality , it is very important that customers examine all the bags themselves and then choose the one that suits that suits their needs and requirements perfectly. Most clients or customers who have previously bought these products are satisfied with it’s use.   The fully organic and natural production methods involved in the bag production that do not include any harmful pesticides , chemicals or fertilizers not only ensure the good health of cattle but also help in improving the farming process. Why Inclusion of Wheat Flour is Very Important in your Diet? Fri, 24 Dec 2021 15:10:06 +0530 Wheat flour is dust made from grinding wheat and used for human consumption. There are different varieties of wheat flour which are classified by the amount of gluten they hold, their colour, parts of grain used and kind of wheat. Wheat commodities provide carbohydrates, dietary fibre, proteins and bioactive compounds to a diet. The constitution and nutritional value of grain products depend on how they are processed and how the whole grain flour is obtained as well as further processing of flour.   How is Wheat flour produced? Wheat flour is a product obtained by grinding whole wheat kernels, called berries. A wheat barrel comprises three parts bran, germs and endosperm. During the process of milling these parts are separated and recombined to make different varieties of flour. White flour is composed of endosperm whereas Brown flour is comprised of germ and bran. Wholemeal flour is made up of the three parts of the grain. White flour is generally yellow in colour but is it mixed with oxidizing chemicals to get white colour.   Categories of Wheatflours and their uses In the USA there are six categories of wheat as Hard Red Winter, Hard Red Spring, Soft Red Winter, Soft White, Hard White and Durum. Some common types of flour include all-purpose flour, bread, cakes, self-rising flours, pastries, semolina, durum wheat, and gluten. These categories of wheat are classified have unique characteristics depending upon the protein and gluten content, and are useful in making different types of foods. Flour made of hard wheat contains a high composition of protein and gluten are used for making bread.      Soft Wheat Flour is used for making cakes, pastries, cooking, crackers, Asian noodles. Pasta is made from Durum Flour. All-purpose flour is crushed from a blend of hard and soft wheat and is used for making a wide range of products   Benefits of  Wheat Flour. Wheat flour is good for our bones because it is high in phosphorus and works firmly with calcium to rebuild our bones. It is also rich in Vitamin B1 which is vital for glucose metabolism. It uproots energy from food and converts it into ATP(adenosine triphosphate). Whole wheat flour is good for controlling blood sugar levels through the existence of Zinc is important for skin too. It helps to repair skin and slows the ageing process. It grants many health benefits. Wheat flour is good for brain functioning and also improve mental health. Consumption of wheat flour is helpful to prevent Anaemia because it consists of iron. Wheat flour is rich in Folic Acid which the body produce and maintain new blood cells especially red blood cells. Whole Wheat flour is good for our eyes and is used for treating eye blindness.   Types of Wheat Flour Packing Pouch There are various kinds of wheat flour packing pouches. Some of them are tempered proof with a view to protecting the flour from heat and water. It is available in different ranging sizes from 1 kg to 1 quintal. In the world of numerous product Wheat Flour Packaging Pouch Supplier, Giriraj Polymetics may be a name to clipper at intervals the business and been serving customers with its distinctive and engaging option since the year 1995. It additionally convinces a free-flowing network of business harmony wherever exchange and dealings can proceed undisrupted. Outstanding Features And Benefits Of Sugar Packaging Bag Mon, 28 Feb 2022 10:58:17 +0530 Sugar packaging bag are the foremost helpful packaging resolution obtainable currently. It's created of pp (polypropylene) and is additionally referred to as pp plain-woven bag. This can be a novel style of bag that appears very similar to a laminated collapsible sack. This sort of bag has quickly gained fame and is currently seen because the ideal alternative for anyone who goes out searching frequently.   How are sugar packaging bags manufactured? Sugar packaging bags are identified for their strength and sturdiness. These are made by interweaving plastic (pp) tapes into the material. Once the coating is applied to the material, these bags are leak-proof and water resistant and may replace the normal non-coated plain-woven bag with an inner bag.    Applications:  Applicable to food use: rice, flour, sugar, salt Applicable to industrial use: plastic materials, chemical material, fertilizer, animal feed     The benefits of a polypropene bag or sugar packaging bag Strong and sturdy These bags are extremely durable. This can be the terribly very first thing anyone would notice the instant they get a hold of one. They appear and feel very similar to a hybrid between a sack and a plastic bag however the polypropene material makes them very sturdy.    Easy to store and utilize Another nice profit is that they're very simple to store and utilize. You'll be able to fold these sacks very similar to a daily sack and store them concerning anyplace. The nice factor is that you simply will even wash them just in case you spilt juice or sauce on them. If they get dirty you\'ll be able to simply scrub off the dirt. As a result of they\'re simple to wash and straightforward to keep, you\'ll be able to keep using a similar pp plain-woven bag over and over for an extended amount.   Environment friendly Everybody is obtaining environmentally conscious. Those who search with an environment-friendly sack just like the polypropene bag are given an honest discount on their purchases as a result of currently they do not have to be compelled to spend one amongst the store's plastic bag. This helps you and therefore the store is reducing prices and it puts a smile on any environmentalist's face.    Easy to customize  You can simply style these bags for your liking. They're amazingly simple to customise. You'll be able to just about print any image you would like on the perimeters of the plain-woven bag. This makes it a really profitable item to market a business or a brand-new promoting scheme in city.    A promotional product People are going to be delighted to use a reusable bag and if it carries your business's brand then you will be promoting an inexperienced message alongside instant business promotion. If you would like to hold a bag with a band album cover or a in person designed complete logo, then you can all these sacks are created for personalization. Where to get them?   Sugar packaging bag suppliers supply these sacks during a type of sizes and hues. They're also ready to print and customise it along with your brand logo at an inexpensive value.